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In 1968, Ben Suarez was a computer scientist working at the Research Center of Babcock and Wilcox Company doing computer simulations for the production of nuclear reactors. He decided to pursue the “American Dream.” Tired of the American Rat Race, he eagerly pursued books and experts in the field of Direct Marketing. His determination and intellect led to his first entrepreneurial venture.

By 1970, Ben Suarez had started a business in his home selling computer produced products such as financial tables in both stores and direct mail marketing. He and his family experienced many failures and limited success. Yet he continued to learn from his mistakes and developed improvements in each ensuing promotion. Ben was able to move his fledgling business, Suarez Corporation Industries, out of his home in 1972. And by 1973, a series of successful promotions allowed the young company to become completely profitable.

1988 was the banner year, with an extraordinary 100% increase in sales. Another SCI expansion relocated its offices to the upscale Belden Village area. This continued sales growth culminated in a new International Headquarters for SCI. The 170,000 square foot office and warehouse building consolidated all divisions in one massive complex. SCI is unique in the Direct Marketing world because all aspects of the product development, creative process, database analysis and media channels are literally under one roof. This allows SCI complete control of a promotion from concept to product fulfillment.

Since 1968, Suarez Corporation Industries has grown from a small family operation into one of Stark County’s largest employers. All SCI associates share a powerful entrepreneurial spirit. Every SCI associate stands to gain financial rewards for their marketing ideas or new product concepts. And every SCI associate can benefit from the success of these new promotions through profit sharing.

Ben made many innovations in the field of marketing. He wrote three all-time best-selling books, Seven Steps to Freedom, Super Biz, and Seven Steps to Freedom II, which are books on entrepreneurial marketing. In his Super Biz book published in 1982, he predicted everything that is occurring now on the internet, especially with regard to online retailing. Super Biz books are now collector’s items are selling for $2,900.00 on Ben has also created college courses on marketing at his alma mater, the University of Akron. SCI has the most advanced marketing expertise in the nation. We regularly in the past have had the top Madison Avenue ad agencies try to beat our advertising controls. Our advertising controls beat their advertising challenges anywhere from 3 to 7 times in sales.

SCI is a product inventor and multi-channel marketing company. It currently markets hundreds of diverse products around the world through direct marketing, affiliate marketing and retail store marketing. From healthy home products to collectible coins, SCI continues to lead the way through product innovation and multi-channel marketing.


As SCI’s largest brand, EdenPURE® brings innovative products for better living to the masses. EdenPURE® principles are based on an initiative to market the safest and highest quality healthy-home products without compromising affordability to the average consumer. With extensive time, money and research devoted to product development and safety, EdenPURE® has emerged as an industry leader.

Their flagship product, the EdenPURE infrared heater, was first launched in 2007. It has quickly become America’s best-selling space heater. With over 5 million units sold, the power of the EdenPURE brand is unmatched in today’s market.

A dedication to bringing affordable healthy-home products that are also of the highest quality and comfort is the hallmark of the EdenPURE brand. This “gold standard” of harnessing the power of nature to provide safe, affordable healthy-home items is evident in their product line-up. EdenPURE’s infrared heater, as well as their signature air purifiers, sweepers and air coolers are all the result of years of intense research and development with a dedication to the consumer’s needs.

After more than two years in engineering, design and development, EdenPURE® released its newest breakthrough invention in the fall of 2017. The EdenPURE® 360 Super Climater® combines both an infrared heating function and a cooling function in one all-season product. Sales and interest skyrocketed leading to further develop the product into a line a various models including all of the latest technologies.

Never before in the history of SCI has the company been positioned so well for new product launches. In addition to the new and developing line of the 360 Super Climater®, such products as the OxiLeaf™ air purifier, the Airdog® line of air purifiers, the HydroVAC™ water vacuum, SilentPURE Air™ purifier, Indoor Garden of Eden and more are proving to be viable additions to the EdenPURE® line of consumer goods.

Always looking for the next breakthrough product that will save consumers money as well as make their homes more comfortable and healthy, the team at EdenPURE is researching, testing and developing new healthy-home items every day to improve the lives of their consumers. This dedication to innovation gives EdenPURE its edge as an industry leader.

United States Commemorative Gallery™

Founded on the principles of superior quality, excellent craftsmanship and a competitive edge, the United States Commemorative Gallery is one of the nation’s leading coin and collectible galleries. This SCI division began in 1976 by offering U.S. Bicentennial commemorative memorabilia and then expanded to include coin collections, art reproductions, historic commemoratives and other fine collectibles to decorate the home and office.

The exceptional collections offered by the Gallery include many historic and rare coins and a fantastic assortment of innovative presentation displays.
With the introduction of the 50 State Quarter Program™ in 1999, interest for such coin collections has increased as people have become more aware of the remarkable and interesting history surrounding one of our nation’s oldest hobbies.

More recently, the Presidential $1 Coin Program™ and the America the Beautiful™ Quarter Series have further expanded the horizon of coin collecting to rekindle interest in the amazing history of our Great Nation. As such, the Gallery is continually developing unique collections and collectibles to promote pride and legacy in our American culture.

United Cloud®

SCI has developed online marketing methods that are far advanced of any other company. These methods will be offered as a service to the retail store industry that is trying to compete with the likes of

With historical sales of over 250 million dollars annually, SCI will continue to prosper thanks to the “American Dream” of founder and CEO Ben Suarez.
Ben and Nancy Suarez and the SCI associates are known in Stark County for their support of local and national organizations. From the United Way to Disaster Relief, SCI associates are always willing to help those in need.

Ben and Nancy Suarez’s philanthropic efforts on behalf of women, particularly Breast Cancer Research and Women’s Shelters, give hope to thousands in need. This spirit of giving makes SCI a truly special place.